The Demonization of Frozen and Other Tales of Insanity


I finally (yes FINALLY) got around to watching Disney’s Frozen a little while ago, at the frequent urgings of my numerous friends who have fallen in love with the movie. I had been meaning to post this commentary for a while, and since I have finally seen the film, I feel I am at liberty to write this post. You see, after Frozen came out, it got attacked by some lunatics Christians for “promoting a gay agenda”

It is sad that I am not making this up.

Yes, as usual, the internet allowed a whole field for stupid to frolic in, and stupid did not disappoint. The leader in all of this stupid was a Colorado pastor named Kevin Richardson, a known crackpot who believes that one day (get this ball of crazy right here) the homosexuals will gather up all of the good Christians and burn them….but he insists he is “not a tinfoil hat conspiratorialist”.

Um, yeah…..just like when someone says “it’s not a pyramid scheme” it usually is, I can guarantee you this guy is fucking nuts. What’s even worse, there is another crazy cuntbag by the name of Kathryn Skaggs (lol, her last name is Skaggs! But I digress…) also made this same stupid and bigoted view public in her blog, A Well Behaved Mormon Woman. I refuse to share the links of either source simply because they will both melt your brain instantly upon reading them. If you are that desperate for a brain melting, by all means go ahead and google it……but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Both of these crackpots each launched their own incredibly wrong and fucked up views of how this movie is “indoctrinating” children to accept and embrace homosexuality, and therefore this film is evil and must be stopped at all costs.

I’m sorry…..did you even see the movie?

Apparently Pastor Richardson has not, but according to crackpot #2, Ms. Skaggs says she has seen it 3 times with 3 sets of grandchildren. She also takes the time to point out it was not willingly so, as if that will give her some sort of brownie points with whatever twisted vision of God she seems to believe in.

If you haven’t seen Frozen, you might want to stop reading this now, because I’m going to talk about what the movie is really about, and what really happens in the film—-in detail. SPOILERS!


The movie revolves around the two sisters: Anna and Elsa, and Elsa was born with magical ice powers. When the two are children, Elsa accidentally strikes Anna in the head with her ice powers and hurts her. Their parents, the king and queen, take Anna to these troll people who heal Anna, but in doing so remove all memories Anna had of witnessing Elsa’s powers. As a result, the family has to pretend that Elsa’s powers do not exist, which proves to be very difficult for Elsa. Elsa’s powers grow stronger and stronger everyday and become more difficult for her to hide. As a result of her growing magical strength, Elsa begins to shut Anna out of her life, leaving Anna feeling lonely and unloved.

After the king and queen die during a sea voyage, Elsa is to be crowned the new queen once she comes of age. Apparently during the time between the king and queen’s death, the gates of Arrendale were closed to the outside. For the coronation ceremony the gates are opened and Anna is thrilled to finally be able to go out and socialize with everyone after being closed away from everyone for so long. When Anna goes out frolicking into town, she meets a prince named Hans and immediately falls for him. Her feelings intensify as the dance and talk at the celebration after Elsa’s coronation and they both hastily decide to marry. Anna brings Hans before Elsa and requests her blessing for the marriage. Elsa (like any other sane person) points out the two have only known each other for a single day and refuses to let them marry, but there is also the underlying notion that Elsa perhaps doesn’t want to give up her sister because she is the only person she has left.

Anna gets upset, and the two argue. In the quarrel, Anna pulls off one of Elsa’s gloves, which were concealing her powers for the most part up until this point. Anna keeps pushing Elsa and upsetting her until she finally breaks down and her powers are activated in the process. Horrified that she has revealed her secret, Elsa runs out of the castle and is so upset that she continues to lose whatever control she had on her powers, making ice and snow in her wake for everyone to see. She flees to the mountains, where she realizes at last that there is no more point to hiding who she is and the power she holds, so she decides to embrace it instead, making her own fortress of solitude ice castle in the mountains. However, what Elsa doesn’t realize is that her powers are so strong that she has covered her home in heavy snow and ice, freezing the harbor and stranding everyone who came for the coronation.

Anna feels guilty for upsetting her sister and thinks Elsa can certainly just thaw the ice and snow she put over Arrendale, and so she goes after her, leaving Hans in charge while she goes. On her way up the mountain, she encounters a man named Kristoff and his reindeer Sven and they team up to get to Elsa’s ice castle. Anna tries to convince Elsa to come home and that everything will be okay, but Elsa is enjoying her newfound freedom and declines, also still visibly afraid to let Anna get too close to her. She tells Anna to go home to Arrendale and let her be alone, and Anna breaks the news that their home is buried under Elsa’s wintry wrath. Elsa is horrified, but Anna believes Elsa can just make the snow and ice thaw away. Elsa insists again that she cannot control her powers (despite the clear amount of control she was beginning to show over them during Let it Go) and insists Anna leave. She gets upset and accidentally hits Anna in the chest with a blast of her ice powers, which begins to freeze Anna’s heart.

This starts a whole bunch of awful things to happen, Anna is slowly dying, and Kristoff takes her to his troll “family” to attempt to help her, but they say only an act of true love can melt an icy heart. Around the same time, Elsa is captured and put in chains for her “attack” on Arrendell. Anna believes that a kiss from Hans will save her, so Kristoff rushes her back to the castle. When they are alone, Anna begs Hans to kiss her, and Hans reveals he was using Anna all along so he could gain some power and a kingdom of his own because he is the youngest of 13 children in his family and has no inheritance coming to him. He admits his initial target was Elsa, but Anna was so gullible and easy to manipulate that he chose her and events fell in to place perfectly. He even goes as far as admitting he had planned on having “a little accident” once they were married….Turns out Hans is pretty evil, and he leaves Anna on the floor to freeze to death and die in a locked room, telling others in the castle that she is already dead and Elsa is to blame.

Elsa is to be executed for Anna’s supposed death, but she breaks out of the dungeon and makes a run for it. Olaf rescues Anna by getting her to a fire in an attempt to warm her, but Anna goes out after Hans and Elsa, still half frozen and barely able to walk.  There’s a big showdown, Hans lies to Elsa and tells her Anna is dead and she is the cause. Elsa, grief stricken over the news, gives up and doesn’t even fight back as Hans is about to kill her; but then Anna gets between them, blocking Hans’ blade from striking Elsa and turns to ice, the spell complete. Elsa is distraught, throws her arms around the Anna ice sculpture, she weeps for her sister and her love for Anna warms her back to normal and Elsa finally realizes all she needed was love to control her powers. Hans is held accountable for the crazy shit he did, Elsa embraces her powers and finally manages to control them now that she can be honest with herself, and the people adore her. Kristoff is put in charge of delivering the ice in the kingdom, and he and Anna seem close….but nothing definite just yet. Happy end.

So there’s the summary… may have noticed that there is a remarkable absence of anything homosexual in the film, despite all these crazy things that have been circulating online. If they are seriously insinuating that Anna and Elsa are gay……that’s a big WTF. They are SISTERS! What I saw here was a wonderful film that put love of family before some random guy, and I loved Frozen for that. So often in Disney movies the ultimate goal for any woman to be happy is to find a man. That wasn’t the main goal here, even though Anna desperately wants to be loved. What really mattered to her all along was feeling love from her sister. She was trying to fill that hole she had in her from Elsa’s absence with Hans, and look at how that turned out….she was so desperate to feel happy and loved that she rushed into feelings for someone who ultimately did not really care for her and used her affection for him to get what he wanted. But just because the affection and attention from a female (her sister!) is what she really needed, it doesn’t mean she’s gay, or that it’s a bad thing.

Elsa, out of love for her sister and fear that she will hurt her, withdraws from her which ultimately does more harm than good. She fears her power and tries to hide who she is, but it’s always there. I can see where some could see a parallel with homosexuality there….hiding who you are for fear of not being accepted. But that’s all. Some argue that Elsa is “clearly a lesbian” because she has no love interest throughout the film and doesn’t show any interest in men.

I’m sorry, but she had WAY more important things going on that worrying about finding a man. Not to mention through most of the film Elsa hates herself because of her powers and despises who she is. She shuts out everyone-especially Anna- because she doesn’t love herself. How can she even begin to love someone else if she cannot  love herself?

I believe one of the main reasons this film has been so successful is that it has pointed out there are other types of love out there than the classic romantic love with a prince, and sometimes the prince can be deceiving. There is a feminist message for sure; there was a definite nod to girls to be careful about giving your heart away too quickly, which is a wise lesson. I also loved that Elsa isn’t really a villain, she was misunderstood.

But to those crazy people who say the movie promoted a “gay agenda”…….it clearly doesn’t. “Let It Go” is a song with lyrics that parallels the struggle and the fear of coming out, but that’s all. And even if Anna and Elsa weren’t sisters……..would it be a bad message that another female’s love saved her from the enchantment? There’s more than one type of love out there, and it’s about time we recognized that. Stop warping the message into a hate speech, just……let it go.



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