Wine In Maryland: An Unlikely Place

I’m not an expert when it comes to wine, but I’m learning.


Last year, I went to a vineyard in Harford county, Legends, with a friend of mine. It was my first vineyard trip, I just decided to do a groupon for the heck of it. We had a BLAST. I had so much fun. I had been wanting to get my boyfriend into it, and he seemed skeptical until we watched the movie Sideways. The movie made wine cool for him, so we had to start being wine people after that. 😛

It seems spring/early summer in MD is wine season….We had Wine in the Woods in Columbia on the weekend of May 17&18, during the weekend of the 31st & June 1st there was the Great Grapes Festival at Oregon Ridge Park…..but I was actually visiting a local vineyard instead: Elk Run, and then this past weekend was the Annapolis Art, Crafts and Wine Festival.

Arts, crafts, AND wine? Sign me up!

My boyfriend has been pretty new to the whole wine tasting front. Our first tasting was Wine in the Woods this year, which I have always wanted to go to. The festival included some cool little shops that sold art and other trinkets in addition to live performers. The festival made me realize that there are a lot of vineyards in Maryland. I never saw Maryland as a state known for its wine, but it’s certainly worth a try. 😉

Wine in the Woods 2014

Wine in the Woods 2014

It was a perfect day for it: the sun was shining, not too hot and not too cold…..Such a great day.

Following up this adventure with a tour of Elk Run in Frederick was a great choice. Elk Run is one of the most highly awarded vineyards in Maryland, and for good reason: they make amazing wine. If I could have afforded it we probably would have left with one bottle of each wine they produce…..instead we had to settle for half a case. We had a great time though.

It was a gorgeous day when we went there as well, very picturesque. I took this great shot of the sky over the vineyard….so perfect.

Elk Run. Photo by Kelley Nymph

Elk Run. Photo by Kelley Nymph

There was also a mascot for this vineyard…..Moo the cat! Named for his coloring, this sweet lil guy hung out with us for a little while. He was a very lovable cat. 🙂

A cat named Cow.

A cat named Moo, cause he has cow colors. 😛

Annapolis Art Craft and Wine Festival was a smaller event than Wine in the Woods, in my opinion. the focus was more on the arts and crafts and the wine was just a bonus. They did have some great wines there, as well as a local cider maker… boyfriend loves cider, so we certainly took some home with us.

I’ve come to realize that I am really fond of sweet wines….in almost seems to me that the sweeter the wine, the more I will like it. I have particularly grown a fondness for dessert wines recently; and ice wine has been a coveted treasure to me. But even though sweet wines are among my favorites, I am also realizing I am fond of dry reds with meals, and as far as whites go Chardonnay is usually a win for me. I have also discovered I like rose and blush wines– Elk Run makes one called Annapolis Sunset which I am growing very fond of.

Aside from all the festivals, we recently discovered what a cool shop The Wine Bin in Ellicott City is. They have a huge selection and their entire staff is really knowledgeable and helpful. I needed a white wine for a recipe one night and they helped me pick the perfect wine—it enhanced the dish perfectly and didn’t overpower the flavor of the meat.

Know any great wine spots in the Maryland area? Share them with me, I would love to check them out!


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