Crochet by Kelley Nymph

People who are closest to me know I enjoy the art of crochet. If you didn’t know… you do!

Latest work in progress....

Latest work in progress….

I first started learning how to crochet about 4 years ago. My friend Talyn (Talyn’s Trinkets) taught me the basics. I remember getting so frustrated with it in the beginning…..which is funny since I just attempted knitting and had the same reaction.

Since then I have made several things…..Some I have even used in shoots.

I started with regular ole yarn from Walmart, then I moved up to nicer yarns from craft supply and fabric stores….and now my friends have introduced me into a whole new world of yarn snobbery….hand spun yarn and yarn shows. I’ve been to two events so far this year: the Yarn Party at Savage Mill,  and the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. The yarns are incredible and I always seem to leave with more projects planned for the future.

As if the craft stores weren’t temptation enough….

My "haul" from Maryland Sheep and Wool......

My “haul” from Maryland Sheep and Wool……

Unfortunately, it seems I’m still on the low end of the hierarchy; it seems that knitters are all over these shows, and crochet doesn’t seem to be as popular or revered……

Since I currently SUCK at knitting, it looks like I’ll have to change the mass opinion. Easy, right? 😛

I also recently created an account on Ravelry, at the urging of one of my crafty friends. Are you a ravelrer? Add me, you can find me under KelleyNymph.



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