Revolver Magazine, I’m Disappointed In You.

kornmayhemcoverThere aren’t many magazines I read, but I was still somewhat following Revolver for a time for music news. I was even considering actually subscribing….

But then Revolver did something stupid and dissed my favorite band, Korn.

But, let me back up, for those who have not been following this story: Korn is going to be one of the headlining bands at Mayhem Fest this year.(I’ll be at the show in Bristow, VA! Woo hoo!) Revolver recently released an issue covering the upcoming Mayhem Fest, as they have done every year, and the cover had an artist rendering of all the frontmen of the bands who will be playing there….

Well, all but one. They left off Jonathan Davis, the singer from Korn.

Jonathan actually poked fun at the situation and tweeted the cover with the comment, “What’s missing in this picture?”

Several music news sites covered the fiasco, and Revolver actually did respond to the comment officially, aside from this snide response to a fan comment on the cover:


However, Revolver couldn’t even have the balls to come out and print a full statement. Their passive aggressive response was found in a tiny foot note in the Index:

“Number of rock and metal icons who were booked to jam with performing bands at the Golden Gods this year but various reasons (mostly, the groups they were supposed to jam with flaking out, pussing out, or just being fucking stupid) did not ultimately play at the show: 6—at least

Number of bands that have cancelled one performance at the Golden Gods, let alone two performances: 1

Likelihood that said band will ever appear on the cover of Revolver again: 0″

Now…..just a little background for you—Korn did cancel on the Golden Gods twice: once in 2012, and this year. This year was cancelled due to a tour date conflict (though it is also noteworthy to add that at the same time the band was dealing with the loss of Shane Gibson, a former touring guitarist who passed last April), and in 2012 I have heard illness was the reason the band could not perform in 2012.

Even if the band did just bail at the last second on Revolver without a reason, their reaction was childish. So I have this to say to you, Revolver Magazine:

Revolver, I’m disappointed in you. Stop acting so butthurt. Things happen, people cancel plans. It’s okay to be upset or feel let down, but to whine about it on the pages of your magazine and then boycott one of the biggest bands out there from your cover because your feelings got hurt is not only immature; it makes you look unprofessional. In the long run, this is only going to hurt you. Korn has literally millions of fans all over the world. I know one of the main reasons I actually bought your magazine recently was because Korn was on the cover. Perhaps I should thank you for this though, because now I will save the money I would have spent on your magazine, and put it to something more important. You’re also going a disservice to the music community by acting this way. So shame on you Revolver, I think I may be done with you and your drama after this.

Revolver, grow up.


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