Batman Day!!!

I attended a local “Batman Day” celebration at Third Eye Comics in Annapolis honoring 75 years of the most awesome superhero around. I was shocked that so many people packed into the comic shop in the middle of the day on a Wednesday, but hey…..people love Batman. Batman is the original regular man hero….he’s not perfect or invincible, he has no super powers (aside from his fortune, but that’s another topic), he is just someone who experienced tragedy and loss….and vowed to protect anyone else from ever feeling what he felt as a child.

The store boasted several awesome things on this day: a free copy of a special edition comic honoring the dark knight’s origin story that was first introduced in Detective Comics #27, free paper batman masks with any Bat-purchase, a limited supply of 75th anniversary commemorative capes, and a sale on all Batman related books.

I splurged a little. My haul was pretty sweet….

Batman Day Haul

I even got the last cape! I was tempted to run around Annapolis in cape and mask for giggles.

(I am the hero Annapolis deserves…..)

I didn’t have a cosplay for the theme, but I did make sure to wear some bat gear to show my love.

batman day outfit

I read through the Special Edition comic and Mad Love that evening, and am currently working my way through the Batwoman book, leaving Hush for last—I hear it’s one of the best storylines in recent history for the caped crusader. I really look forward to finally reading it. 🙂





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