Dragon Con 2014—–I MADE IT!!!!!

looking down on the masses

After years of wanting to go and never making it, I finally went to DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia. To date, this is the farthest I have gone (in the US) for a convention. I tend to stick close to home, but it was cool to get out and get the con experience outside of my area. Orla Rose was nice enough to allow me some space in her hotel room and in her car for the ride down.

DragonCon is definitely on a whole other level. It was nothing like I expected. The con was spread over 5 buildings. Lots of walking, lots of stuff. It was sensory overload, a constant party, with something to see all the time EVERYWHERE.

I tried to do a full cosplay schedule……it didn’t really happen.

Thursday night: gypsy look

Friday: Deanna Troi (Star Trek Next Generation)

Saturday Day: Melisandre (Game of Thrones) Saturday Night: Mermaid

Sunday Day: Civilian clothes! *gasp* Sunday Night: gothic look

Monday: Amy Pond (Doctor Who)

I attended a Game of Thrones shoot on Saturday, but aside from that, I really didn’t do any shoots at the con. I attribute part of this to knowing pretty much no one there, but also just because I was so busy seeing the actual con that I didn’t have the time. The next time I attend (and I certainly do plan on having a next time) I hope to fix this. 😉

Since it has already taken me so long to get around to posting, I’ll cover some highlights:

The registration line was the most amazingly streamlined process EVER. 10 minutes to get my badge, if that. Katsucon and Otakon could really take a lesson from Dragoncon.

Kick ass nerdy themed drinks from the hotel bars at the con. My favorite was Finally a Ginger.  🙂

I met Voltaire again, more than once over the weekend. One night we ran into him cosplaying Dr. Strange and he took a bite of my pizza. Awesome.

Unfortunately did not get into the Patrick Stewart panel. 😦 Met some cool people while waiting though, so it had an upside.

Wish the Dragoncon shuttle bus had been as organized as the registration line. Cabs in Atlanta are expensive. Also, had a very unpleasant encounter when I happened to walk up to a cab to find the cab driver jerking off to porn on his smartphone. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Game of Thrones shoot was epic. I especially loved the fact that there were George RR Martin cosplayers.

Orla Rose’s Maleficent cosplay was breathtaking.

PIE…….that is all. (If you know, you know.)

Dragoncon night at the Georgia Aquarium was incredible!

Dropped in on the Yule Ball and met another cosplayer dressed as Princess Ozma—-totally psyched. I never see anyone cosplay that character.

Met BellaMorte!!!!! 🙂

Cruxshadows live in concert made me a believer in life again. They are awesome. Last song of their set, they invited all the fans in the front couple rows to get on stage with the band. Guess who was up there…. 😛

But most of all………….Meeting people and new experiences!

And now, photos. 😛




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