Behind the Scenes: Lady Mechanika

I haven’t done BTS (behind the scenes/shoot) blogs much lately, so I’m trying to go back and cover a few noteworthy ones. Lady Mechanika made the list.

I don’t do steampunk very often, but I had been wanting to do more of it. Steve announced he was hosting a Lady Mechanika themed body paint shoot—very steampunk–and I knew it was a perfect opportunity.

I wanted to go all out and get a really cool ensemble. My concept image was this:


I knew it wouldn’t end up being exactly like that, but I had a black and red goal in mind.

First was the goggles. I bought those off of and loved them from the moment I laid eyes on them…. check them out here.

But then within an hour of me opening the package, one of the lenses fell out of the goggle and broke in half on my bathroom counter! I was devastated….but luckily the good folks who run the site were so awesome that when I told them what happened they sent me plastic replacement lenses FOR FREE. They even asked what color tint would be best for the shoot. Now that is some customer service! 🙂

The next thing was I was determined to get a corset that looked edgy and steampunk in someway….my goal became this underbust:


I got super lucky and managed to find this corset online for a lower price than other mainstream sites I saw it advertised on, and it fulfilled its purpose….but this corset is no where near the level of my Timeless Trends corsets. I do still like the look of it though…

Next, my goal was to make a bustle. Nothing huge, just a bit of ruffles and poof to add to my outfit. I found a youtube tutorial for a bustle/fancy apron piece that could be used for burlesque (perfect for me) and I got to work. Since my theme was black and red, I made the main body of the bustle a deep red and got black lace for the trim. I ended up using 2 types of lace because I discovered the lace I liked most was $17 a yard.


So I ended up trimming only the bottom layer of my bustle with the pretty lace and used another, far cheaper trim for the rest. Sewing on the lace and putting all the layers into the belt piece that holds the bustle together was a pain because I ended up having to do those things by hand, but I got it done, even with my cats constantly “helping”…..

Then I was pretty much set, everything else I already had in my wardrobe.

The weather ended up forcing us to delay the event a couple times, but the big day finally came in February. There were a few new faces there, but a lot of familiar ones too. Roxana Hire definitely stole the show with her look and those kick ass gear pasties she made…..I loved it.

Clementine joined us in paint.

Nikki and I were among the last to be painted, but she makes an awesome Lady Mechanika.

Ofelia Linh was another who looked absolutely stunning from head to toe….

Not everyone there was painted, though many of us were. Orla Rose did a pretty awesome General Winter cosplay outfit. She was made for that character.

Lithia of Lithia’s creations dropped by, and even joined in for a few photos.

Adrienne Deveraux is always ready for steampunk and brought some fun things to play with.

Masha joined us, which was pretty awesome. She’s fun to hang out with and she has such a cool look.

Also met some new friends, such as Kaia and Arianne Cirque. Such awesome and lovely ladies. 🙂 We even has a few gentlemen join us.

One of my friends, Teal, makes really awesome steampunk weapons and was nice enough to let us use some for the shoot. Thank you so much Teal!!! You are the best 🙂

Being one of the last models to be painted, I unfortunately did not get to work with everyone there. It was nice to be able to have more time to socialize….but I unfortunately missed out on some great group shots….

Darn. :-/

I did get some nice shots, and I actually discovered later that a blouse I just happened to bring with me looked pretty good with the rest of the look.

I need to do more steam punk, stat.

And now, photos. Enjoy! 🙂

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