Walking Dead Season 5 Mid Season Finale In Review


Been meaning to get this posted for a while, but still having PC issues (ARGGGG!!!). I’m so sorry guys. 😦

Season 5 of Walking Dead is halfway over, and we are at a break until February next year. This season started off explosive, and I simply need to talk about it.

As usual, if you haven’t seen up to the mid-season finale of this past season, don’t read this, spoilers and yadda yadda.



We good?



So from the very beginning, the action was intense. The group is at Terminus, captured by cannibals, and things were looking grim. But Carol was on the outside, so you know this shit was going to be epic. Don’t get me wrong, but it’s kind of amazing how small the world has gotten since the zombie apocalypse. Seriously, in a world without cellphones or facebook, these guys always still manage to find each other again and again and again and again. How do they do that? Shit, I start to panic if my significant other doesn’t stay close to me in those warehouse type stores or Walmart because he may have wandered off and may be gone forever….

But I digress.

Carol’s infiltration of Terminus and rescuing the group was not only badass, it was what needed to be done to get her back into the fold with the others again. After saving everyone, Rick couldn’t push her away again. I missed Carol, I don’t know about you guys, but I was glad to see her reunited with everyone. 🙂

The look into Terminus we got in this season was a big ball of fucked up. I almost wanted to feel sorry for them with the glimpses the show gave us into the past of the “Termites” Mary and Gareth, but is hard to feel sympathy for a group of people who EAT PEOPLE. Even so, the people there suffered at the hands of a terrible unknown, and perhaps it’s possible Rick and the gang will eventually meet this unknown as well…?

Only time will tell.

Points to Rick for actually following through with his initial declaration in episode one of this season to kill Gareth with the red handled machete. Rick got a lot darker this season as well, but I was totally for it. In this world, being a moral compass seems to get you killed, so having pity is quite outdated. We see Rick’s lack of mercy a couple of times this season, and both times, I feel, he was absolutely in the right. Since the group did go with mercy, bad things happened later.

Rick said they should kill ALL the Termites, they held back, Bob gets captured and his leg becomes BBQ for Gareth and crew. Rick says they should storm the hospital and kill all the cops, they don’t and Beth gets shot in the head.

Just saying……maybe it’s a good idea to listen to Rick, you guys.

As for the priest……Gabriel so far has been an extreme annoyance for me. I don’t know about everyone else, but I kind of cringed whenever he was featured. He always seems to do some stupid shit too….like when he decided for some inexplicable reason to dig his way out of the church through the floor boards and go to the school, bringing a horde of zombies back to the church.

Homie is not too bright.

I did however find delicious irony in the scripture painted on the wall of his church. I know it was intentional by creators of the show and I admire when they throw in fun little details like this.

I was surprised that it came out so early that Eugene is not a scientist and there is no magic cure, this was ripped straight from the comics so I knew it was coming eventually, but I assumed it would be revaled in the second half of this season. I had mixed feelings about Abraham’s back story, in the comics I feel like it was so much more painful that his family had been raped and hurt by his comrades than him just finding them mauled by walkers the way he did in the show. The comic version is a real devastating blow to his ability to trust anyone. I did like how Eugene essentially saved Abraham from killing himself by giving him a purpose though, that was a part of the backstory I really enjoyed.

Going back to other things I mentioned briefly earlier….Poor Bob. I had a feeling he got bit after the incident in the waterlogged basement and my theory was proved to be correct. I was amused that Bob inherited Dale’s storyline from the comic. But Sasha got too mushy after his death….the way she went all soft with one of those cops from the hospital because his name was also Bob made me facepalm so hard. C’mon Sasha…….seriously……

Speaking of the hospital and the cops, that storyline was paced very quickly. Dawn didn’t seem like a clear cut villian to me like the Governor or even the bikers that Daryl fell in with for a bit in the last season. Dawn seemed like a leader who clearly felt the pressure and was trying her hardest not to fold and show weakness. She made stupid decisions, but she wasn’t evil. I actually felt a bit sorry for her to tell the truth. She was a woman trying to maintain control over a group of men who clearly did not respect her. But she was certainly a bit too slap happy for me to get too emotional for her…and why did she need Noah back so badly? Her demand to have Noah returned was clearly just a way for her to regain some sort of power or control infront of her people. I wasn’t unhappy to see Daryl shoot her in the head.

Then there’s Beth…..oh Beth, somehow I knew if they killed another major character by the midseason finale, it was going to be you. The way you died was just so….not worthy of your character, especially after how your character was built up from a girl willing to give up on life to a strong survivor. It was random, we didn’t even see it actually happen, and when she received the shot to the head it didn’t even seem real. I remember one of the guests on Talking Dead joked, “Oh there’s some jelly on the side of her head.” as being his reaction to her being shot, and that was pretty much how I felt. It was a a “wait….what just happened?” type of moment. I saw there is a petition to revive her character circulating online, but what’s done is done at this point. Beth is clearly dead, and to try to unwrite that after this episode aired would cheapen this great series, IMO. So even though I don’t like how she went out, I feel like we need to live with what happened and move on.

And poor Maggie….after they told her Beth was alive, to have her get there just in time to see Daryl carry her body out…..that scene was heartbreaking.

Side comment: Definitely saw a girl in Chipotle the other day that looked so much like Beth I wanted to go up to her and apologize that her death was so downplayed. 😛

As for the second half, I definitely want more Michonne—I feel like she was in the background for a majority of this season! I love Michonne, she’s my girl.

Carl, I’m hoping, gets more of a role soon. Awesome stuff happens with him in the comics.

I want to see the Rick/Abraham alpha male struggle play out. In the comics they had a significant event throw them together which brought them closer.

Since Beth is now no longer of the living, I am curious to see poor Maggie coping with the loss of her last blood family member.

What will develop with Noah and Gabriel as new inductees to the group?

And we keep seeing clips of Morgan following Rick and crew’s trail which is making me anxious. Come on Morgan! Catch up! 😛

February cannot get here fast enough.




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