Faeriecon 2014: The Blue Fae Returns

After the Maryland Renaissance Faire is done, oh faes just want to have fun. πŸ˜‰

Yeah, this was another post I meant to get to much sooner, but my PC was bogged down with all sorts of issues, so it’s just now getting posted. Again, sorry guys.

Faeriecon is my favorite excuse to dress up after faire. I even made some wings this year! It was my second time working with cellophane for wings. They turned out a tad bigger than I has anticipated, but I loved the color. I layered blue iridescent cellophane over dark blue cellophane and it created a great blue/teal color. I used them for my Sunday outfit, a water fae look.

I unfortunately did not make it to the first night of Faeriecon this year or the Good Faerie’s Ball, but my main event has always been the Bad Faerie’s Ball. I put together a royal blue and black ensemble inspired mainly by some of my purchases from last year’s Faeriecon: a feather headpiece by Evolve Well and my raven pendant. Coincidentally, I recently made a blue rabbit fur capelet for the renaissance festival which just happened to fit around my hips nicely—Β and it made a great extra layer of blue to add to my skirts.

One of the highlights of this year’s Faeriecon was meeting Laurell K Hamilton! I went to her panel, and even though she could barely speak due to a bug she had been fighting, she still came out to talk about her work and answer audience questions. As a writer, it’s interesting to hear about authors who have a process that is completely different than my own. Laurell is very into her characters and imagines them as being on a stage in her mind as she brings them to life. I loved hearing her talk about her process. I happened to run into her in the lobby after her panel later that evening and George Skepton was kind enough to photograph us. One of the coolest thing was that Laurell and her husband both complimented me on my costume. It’s always awesome when someone you look up to gives you a compliment on your work. ^_^

Me and Laurell K Hamilton!

Me and Laurell K Hamilton!

I also had the pleasure of meeting Bruce Coville and had him sign a copy of one of his books that I have owned since I was in elementary school. It made me so happy. ^_^

Aside from that, it was a typical Faeriecon, lots of cool costumes, lots of fun. πŸ™‚ As always, looking forward to next year!


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