True Blood End of Series Reaction, Reminiscence, and Rebuttal


True Blood ended it’s seven season run last year, and I was unfortunately so far behind on the show that I couldn’t even watch it as it aired (I had not actively watched since the beginning of season 5 and had stopped about 3 episodes in because I was in the middle of moving, had no HBO for a while, and various other circumstances) but I finally got around to catching up and saw it through to the end.

It’s an odd feeling when something that’s been running for a while ends. You don’t want it to end, but at the same time it’s better to end a show than try to run it longer than it should and have the story become stagnant. True Blood made the right choice in ending the show, I think, but some things about the end of the show certainly irked me. One thing I can say I am happy about though was that they did not follow the books and Charlene Harris’s ending. I found her ending atrocious, and I can at least say I belive True Blood ended better than the Sookie Stackhouse novels.

This is one of the few times I will say the book was NOT better.

I’m going to go in-depth with the following discussion, so standard spoiler warning: If you have not seen True Blood all the way to the very end, I advise you stop reading this. If not, you’ll find out things you may not want to know and feel upset.




For those of you who are up to speed, I’m going to do a character by character breakdown discussing each main character’s fate in the series and how I feel about it.

Sookie: We start with Sookie and end with Sookie, so it’s probably most appropriate I begin with her. Even though Sookie is the main character, I hate to admit that she is not actually my favorite person on this show. I certainly empathize with her throughout the series, but at times she really could annoy me with her stubbornness and unwillingness to listen. Not to mention she gets bounced around from guy to guy…. We see her go from Sam to Bill, to Eric, then Eric and Bill (hot), then Alcide (for a moment until Bill and Eric interrupted them), then….Warlow? (wtf was that?), then Alcide, and finally back to Bill again. And then at the very end of the show, Sookie is pregnant with unknown random new guy’s baby whose face we never see. I know the big thing about this show was “who is Sookie going to choose?” and I’m glad they didn’t try to throw her with some random guy we know already…….like how the books ended…..I like the mystery of not knowing who she ended up with, and that the end had everyone who had survived around the table and happy, but at the same time it was kind of annoying that we never found out. I know rationally that Bill would have been a poor choice as well, but it was sad to see that finally end. The thing I am proud of is that Sookie didn’t use her light to end Bill’s life. It was kind of like saying that you don’t need to lose yourself when you lose someone you love, and I love that Sookie came to terms with and accepted herself. Needless to say, it still had to be rough to look into the eyes of someone you love as they die at your hand, even if that’s what he wanted.

Tara: The biggest let down of season 7 for me was when Tara was killed off, and killed off–off screen. For a character who’s been involved since episode 1, that’s a shitty fucking way to go out. Besides, I love Tara! She was probably my favorite female on the show, and such a complex and well-developed character! We watched her go through so much pain….we watched her deal with her mother’s abuse and alcoholism, watched her fall in love and lose the man she loved, watched as a psychotic vampire abducted her and violated her, we saw her leave Bon Temps and become a different person, saw her explore her sexuality, watched her take a bullet to the head and die for Sookie, watched her be turned into a vampire-a creature she despised-and then come to terms with that horror….. and then to have her death be a flash to her mother covered in vampire goo and sobbing? It just wasn’t fair. Nothing about her end on the show felt right to me….it allowed for a Lettie-Mae redemption storyline, and that’s about it. Tara deserved better.

Jason: Seeing Jason go from playboy to family man was a shocker, and I have to say I was just waiting for some insane shit to happen with Violet to get him away from her. I knew that bucket of crazy wasn’t going to last. I was surprised, however, to see that he didn’t end up with Jessica…..that seemed to be the way things were moving. Or at least, they were until Andy got the idea in Jason’s head that, “a man is nothing without a family.” I guess it makes more sense he ended up with Hoyt’s girlfriend (she wanted kids– that was the big sign), but at the same time it was also ironic to me that Jason ended up with another one of Hoyt’s girlfriends. Come on, dude, seriously? When he fucked Jessica it was a huge thing (fist fights….getting called “girlfriend fucker” and etc…) but when he hooked up with Brigette, Hoyt didn’t bat an eye. I just think that’s a little odd. I guess you could argue they each found the person they were meant for so neither objected, but….if Jason was a girlfriend fucker for doing Jessica, it kind of solidifies a breach of trust when he fucks the next girlfriend too, aren’t I right? By the end of the show, Jason is a lot more accepting of vampires, and I liked seeing that he could change and let go of that prejudice.

Bill: Bill makes you love him, hate him, and mourn him throughout this series. If you had told me when I was watching season 5 that by the end of this series I’d cry my eyes out over his death, I would have laughed at you, but it happened. I cried buckets during Sookie and Bill’s final scene together. In season 7, Bill was actually somewhat redeemed from the total bastard he became with the Authority and the time he was Billith. Bill was never my favorite vampire on this show, and especially after season 3, I started to dislike him even more. The storyline with his moral decline leading up to him taking the blood of Lilith made him more interesting and I honestly enjoyed him being the bad guy. The problem with what followed that was he got too…..Supermanish. He could do pretty much anything. Especially after having Warlow’s blood. The last season pulled him back down to a normal vampire, and then after he contracts Hep-V Bill is the most vulnerable we have ever seen him. I thought that Bill would be saved at the last minute by a deus-ex-machina cure…..and he almost was. The fact that Bill chose to die actually really surprised me. I always kind of assumed the series would end with Sookie choosing either Bill or Eric, and becoming a vampire….but I was wrong.

Eric: I’ll admit it, I’ve always been on team Eric since I first saw him in episode 4 of season 1. Upon seeing his entrance in season 7 as being infected with Hep-V, I was heartbroken….and knew a cure ex machina had to surface because men as sexy as Eric Northman simply are NOT allowed to die. Seeing Eric’s background with Pam and Ginger and the beginnings of Fangtasia was also cool, especially seeing those two in the hilarious 1980’s styles. Have to admit I was a bit perturbed that Eric did not seem to try to pursue Sookie more,  but I think this last season was really about him reconnecting with Pam. I also wanted to see Eric have more of an interaction with Willa, but that never happened either. I did enjoy the many gruesome deaths Eric inflicted upon the Yakuza in his search for Sarah Newlin and seeing Eric act like typical Eric. The scene at the end with him and Ginger made me laugh my ass off.

Pam: Pam is one of my other favorites, and I’m so glad the series ended well for her and Eric. They reconnected, and started a multi-million dollar business….while also still running Fangtasia and their shady backroom deal/punishment with Sarah Newlin. One thing that had me convinced for several episodes that Tara was still alive was that Pam had no reaction shot to her death until several episodes later. I had hope until she finally confirmed it in the third episode that she felt Tara’s passing. Pam had a few brushes with the true death this season, but she made it out. If Pam had died, I’m sure Eric would have lost it entirely. Though, I have to say that what may possibly have been my favorite line from Pam this season, and possibly ever, was “I look like a Republi-cunt!”.

Jessica: Things ended mostly happily for Jessica. It sucks that her Maker died, but when you look at this season as a whole: Andy finally forgave her, she developed a real bond with Adeline and also earned her forgiveness for drinking her sisters to death, she seemed to reconnect with Sookie as Sookie and Bill became an item again, and she got to reconcile with Hoyt and they were married within a day. On the wedding—-it seemed a little cheesy for me that it escalated so quickly, but hey….at least she got a (mostly) happy ending. The most outrageous thing for me to witness with Jessica was how her “relationship” with James fell apart. They never really had any chemistry aside from their being victims together in the camp from season 6, and just the way she caught him cheating on her with Lafayette….that was brutal. Though it sucks for Hoyt that his mom died, her death did also help pave the way for him and Jessica to get married in a way too. Can you imagine if they did that with her still alive? I am laughing right now just thinking about it.

Alcide: The second character death to utterly infuriate me was Alcide’s cheap and crappy death by gunshot wound. I guess the writers needed some way to get him out of the way to get Bill and Sookie back together, but that death felt just as cheap as Tara’s. They could have at least made it more dramatic. Also he was hot, so I was sad to see him go. What shitty timing too! I’m sure it was done for some sort of tragic irony, but Sookie literally just confessed to Bill that she thinks Alcide loves her more than she’ll ever love him and he DIES minutes later. That’s a shitty last thought to be in your brain regarding a significant other. At least they did show Sookie grieving him, so that’s something.

Sam: Sam just kind of faded into the background. For being such a major character, he seemed absent for a good chunk of the end of the series. I still think Sam and Nicole were a random and odd couple…..and I’m still upset about Luna’s passing, to be honest. I really didn’t expect her to have been killed off when she was. At least Sam found somewhere where he really belonged in Nicole and was able to start a family. Shrug. My only other complaint is I would think it would be a lot more complicated to just “quit” being mayor of a town and shirk off the duties of being an elected official, but hey…..maybe I’m thinking to hard about this.

Lafayette: I was really happy Lafayette got to find love again in James, even though it was kind of shitty for Jessica. After losing Jesus in season 4, and then losing Tara at the beginning of this season, Lafayette was definitely feeling alone. Lafayette deserved someone to make him happy, and I love his character. I’m glad it could end mostly well for him.


Now I have some overall series rebuttal and comments:

I will say my top 3 favorite seasons of the show (in this order) are season 2, 4, and 1. 3 had its moments, but was not one of my favorites, 5 was pretty blah until the very end, 6 was off the wall but didn’t beat the orginal for me, and season 7…..well, lots of mixed feelings.

Whatever happened to the were-panthers?????? Seriously, they just dropped off the face of the earth once it was revealed that Jason wasn’t going to turn into one. That was one loose end that never got tied up.

Remember when “the bleeds” were a thing? Yeah, me too. It seems the creators and writers of the show seemed to forget it more and more though as the show went on. Jessica got married in the fucking DAYTIME for Christ’s sake.

I was sort of amused the Yakuza got thrown in at the end since y’know…..True Blood was developed by Japan. But they seemed weak as shit compared to the vampires. Why weren’t there any Yakuza vampires? I feel like Japan would’ve had something like that and been prepared.

Throughout the show, there are numerous instances that proved there was life after death…..just to name a few: the end of season 4 calling of the ancestors to fight Marney’s ghost, Sookie’s grandmother communicating with her from beyond the grave in several instances, the ghost of the slave woman who steals Arlene’s baby, Sookie’s father possessing Lafayette after they seanced him so she could question her parents’ death and the circumstances leading to it, Terry appearing to Arlene as she lay between life and death….. There is no question that there was something beyond death in True Blood, but yet the show continuously questions it! I also would have been satisfied with the idea that only humans go on, but that was debunked too, as we saw when: Marney channels the vampire Eddie who had the V deal with Lafayette, Godric’s ghost returned to talk to Eric on numerous occasions (and Nora saw him as well, so we know it wasn’t just in Eric’s head), and Tara comes back as a spirit to lead Lettie Mae on her redemption vision quest. Obviously life after death exists and is proven for human and vampire… why does Bill say to Sookie no one knows what is next when he is about to die? Yes you do! You’ve seen it repeatedly!

Did everyone just forget about that town a few towns over where everyone was murdered and there was just a mass grave? After the crew goes there one episode and finds out about the Hep-V vampire packs, that’s the first and last time it’s mentioned. Shrug.

This is old but……didn’t Bill release Jessica A LONG ASS TIME AGO? I rewatched the entire show and there is a scene in season 3 where Bill tells Jessica he releases her; yet she was still privy to his summons and everything else and then he officially does it again in the last season. So……..what happened? Did he not do it right the first time? Is there a certain grouping of words involved? Do both parties have to consent in order to be released? I’m just wondering how the first time the laws of vampire could tell Bill was just playing as compared to later on when he’s not. What was the difference?

Another old one, but I gotta say it: why the fuck did no one let Russel Edgington just die when he was laying out in the sun roasting to a crisp? You could have killed him then…….in fact, they could have even killed him later on, but Eric and Bill decided to bury him in cement instead…..which he later escaped…..because none of you assholes killed this other asshole when you had the best chance EVER!!!!! Okay, I’m done.

Since it was no secret that Terry had someone kill him, making his death technically a suicide, wouldn’t Arlene not have gotten that life insurance payoff? And since it was taken out only a few days before he died, wouldn’t she have been a suspect? Shouldn’t there have been a murder investigation? Damn, that one really got let go.

Total bitch move that Pam stole the whole idea for Fangtasia from poor Ginger….and she’ll never know. That whole scene was pretty hilarious though. Especially Ginger’s former style. She looked like she could have worked at Hot Topic.

There’s clearly a moment when True Blood begins to compete with Game of Thrones for media shock value, and it is season 5, when they finally start showing full frontal male nudity. FINALLY. PENIS.

It also never fully hit me how much of a clear anti-vampire human Sheriff Deerborne was until I rewatched the entire series again. That guy is a prejudiced cock. He got what he deserved.

Well True Blood, we had some good times overall. You made me laugh, you made me cry, you kept what real vampires are supposed to be alive in this post-Twilight world, and for that I thank you.

I’ll miss you.

I’ll also miss hot promo photos like this one:

hottest cover ever.

hottest cover ever.

Sookie threesome forever. 😛


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