Goodbye, Mr. Spock.


As many of you have heard, Leonard Nimoy passed away on February 27. Though I’m sure everyone knows of Mr. Nimoy primarily from his role of Spock from the original Star Trek, he was so much more that that.

Not many know that Leonard Nimoy was a photographer, and was passionate about women’s empowerment and body image. One of his projects was the Full Body Project, which you can see more details on here (warning, artistic nudes, may be NSFW.)

He was also a musician, and realeased five albums.

Leonard Nimoy’s first language was Yiddish and was active in the Jewish community.

His very distinctive voice landed him several narrating and voice acting gigs throughout his life and he made special appearances on shows like The Simpsons and Futurama as himself. I was delighted to recently learn he also voiced a character in two of the Kingdom Hearts games.

Leonard Nimoy also penned two books and multiple volumes of poetry.

Mr. Nimoy was put to rest yesterday. His final tweet on his twitter account was eerie and bittersweet, the perfect epitaph:


I salute you sir, I hope you are at peace in life’s final frontier.

Vulcan Salute



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