Game of Thrones: Goodies and Gripes From Season 4

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I have been putting it off, but I decided it was finally time to share my views on the fourth season of Game of Thrones now that the season 5 premiere is approaching. I had a lot of excitement for this season when I first came into it, and there were a lot of things I felt were done well…..others made me fall into my “OMG this is nothing like the book!!! Why did they change this, WHYYYYYYY!!!!!!” rage. As I was watching the show, I liked to watch comicbookgirl19’s videos on youtube and see her opinions on some things. It helped me reconcile feelings about some changes, and notice other things I hadn’t noticed on my own. But even so, I still wanted to have my say…..

OBLIGATORY SPOILER WARNING: If you HAVE NOT seen GOT season 4….don’t read this.

Also, why haven’t you seen it by now? If you plan to read the books and haven’t quite gotten there yet…..also don’t read this. I will discuss the books and the show in great detail. Spoilers, spoilers everywhere…..

Are we good?

Okay, let’s begin.

So the thing I COULD NOT WAIT FOR in the beginning of the fourth season was to see that little shit Joffrey finally die. I was so happy, and I know all my friends who have not read the books were thrilled too. The Royal Wedding was beautiful, but mainly for this portion. Die, Joffrey, die. Margarey’s dress was also very pretty. 🙂 Better than I imagined. Cersei’s reaction to Joffrey’s death and that entire scene was beautifully portrayed. Overall I was happy with it for reasons other than Joffrey’s demise.

The infamous rape scene with Jaimie and Cersei upset me. It was not the same in the book, in the book it was clearly more concensual and passion fueled. In the show Jaimie basically forces himself on Cersei while she pleads with him to stop, next to the corpse of their dead son. It was not cool, not cool at all. Not only did the writers instantly destroy the likability that the show had been building between the audience for Jaimie in an instant, it also gave the audiencee a reason to feel sorry for Cersei….and no one should feel sorry for Cersei ever, because she’s a cunt.

I was pleased that the wildlings’ attack on the wall got an entire episode. Some were not in favor of this, but not enough time has been given to epic battles in the past, so I was kind of happy this was given a full episode. Yigrette’s death was dramatized more for the show, as I expected. I was happy to see the moment when she could have killed Jon and she just hesitated and kind of giggled. For a moment we saw the girl who fell in love with Jon, and I liked that.

Finally got to see the interaction with Sansa and Dontos. I was wondering when we would finally see him again. I almost feared it was going to be cut after we did not see him after the scene Sansa initially saved him in. And while I’m on the subject of Sansa….I had been waiting all season for the scene with Littlefinger and Sansa, and Lysa’s death. I felt the television adaptation was okay, but still preferred the book. And that dress Sansa wore after she lied…..that dress was super hot but the all black really made it look like she has turned and is not so innocent….comicbookgirl19 said it looked like she went to the darkside and I cannot agree more. But even so…..I have another GOT cosplay on my list.

Tyrion’s speech in court was one of my all time favorite scenes. Props to Peter Dinklage for nailing that one.

I loved the actor they got to portray Oberyn. It was sad for me too, because they introduced such a likable guy who I immediately knew was going to die and crush the portion of the audience who did not read the books. Oberyn’s death, even though I expected, it still shocked the hell out of me; I could not believe how gory HBO was willing to go. I still flinch watching it.

I don’t know how I feel about Bronn being Jaimie’s secret sparring partner. In the books it was Illyn Payne. He was the obvious choice, as he had no tongue and could not share any tales on how weak Jaimie really was without his sword hand.

Everyone talked about the actor switch with Daario. The new actor looked closer to what I imagined, but still not quite like the book, which was a bit of a let down. I was also disappointed that the kiss with Jorah and Dany didn’t happen (it did in the book!) and when Dany chained up her dragons it broke my heart. Seeing her struggles ruling made things interesting.

The added scene with the others taking the baby and “turning” the child was interesting to see. Since we still know so little about the White Walkers and the Others, including a look at them is adding a new dimension to the plot not in the books. It will be interesting to see how this develops.

One of the things that upset me the most was the end of this season. For a season with so much promise, they could have ended much better if they had stuck to the books on the following things:

Jaime didn’t make his confession to Tyrion about Tysha, which is a HUGE plot point in the book and if 100% Tyrion’s motivation to confront his father and fuels his actions in the 5th book, Dance With Dragons. Without this revelation, Jaime comes out smelling like a rose and is still a great brother, and Tyrion’s decision to visit and eventually kill Tywin just seems random and unmotivated. Additionally, the books paint Shae much differently than the show. On the show it is much more surprising and doesn’t really seem to make any sense when Shae is found in Tywin’s bed. I’m not fond of these changes. They leave out huge motivations for the character’s behavior. I understand that maybe the audience would not remember Tysha, especially when we have only hear Tysha mentioned in passing conversation in either season 1 or 2 whereas we have actually seen Shae and gotten to know her. However, I feel if the producers had just included that scene with Tyrion talking about Tysha in the “Previously on Game of Thrones” bit in the beginning, that would have been sufficient to have the fans recall that tidbit and set up the scene. The jealousy angle with Shae and Sansa was interesting, certainly played into the plot easier too since the show made it seem like Shae really loved Tyrion.

Also Bran’s storyline FINALLY got interesting….and he’s not even going to be featured in the next season! C’mon man…..Also I couldn’t help but notice that the show is skipping way ahead….this season was mainly supposed to be the second half of book three…..and this portion of the storyline isn’t until the fifth book!

Okay so spoiler alert for those who haven’t read the books in particular lie ahead…..


So in the end of Storm of Swords, a new leader of the Night’s Watch is selected and it ends up being Jon (shock). A lot of small elements play into the coming story with this. For one thing, Mance Rayder had a wife who gave birth to a child during the battle when Stannis sweeps in to save the day. Melissandre takes a huge interest in this child which then leads to other events……but in the show this wife and child have not appeared. I cannot help but wonder how the story will change due to this omission.

Finally, my biggest complaint: WHERE THE HELL IS LADY STONEHEART???? Come on man, when I first read that ending (Storm of Swords) I was so excited I couldn’t stop geeking over it. You can’t leave her out of this story guys. You can’t. Don’t do it. I’ll be so pissed.

Things I am looking forward to seeing: I really can’t wait to see some of the flashbacks that are going to be incorporated into the show. A major one with Cersei is coming. I am interested to see Tyrion with Varys on the other side of the world. Really curious as to where the storyline with Sansa and Littlefinger will go. If Lady Stoneheart does not show up (which again, she had better make an appearance!) I am curious to see what will happen with Brienne and Podrick and their quest. I am utterly thrilled to see Arya in Braavos (Cannot wait, loved that part of the books) as well as the introduction of Dorne and the Sand Snakes.

I have heard the news that the show is going to surpass the books….it kind of sucks but at the same time it will be new to all of us now, so the playing field will be leveled. I do feel a bit sad about it though. It’s not the same as having the creator lay down his true vision of the story when the books are still being written as this show is being produced. I cannot help but wonder that if George RR Martin had already finished the series, versus writing it still as he is…..would it still be the same? And will the ending be impacted? What about all those things that were left out of the show and are only in the books, things that are likely building to the end of the series….will GOT pull a Harry Potter on us and try to jam in just enough stuff to explain the backstory they never bothered to include before at the very end and make the end of the series suffer?

Perhaps I worry too much. George, I am anxiously waiting, as we all are. I know you hate being harassed to write faster and I totally get that….but your fans are just so excited. It’s like we are all children anxiously awaiting being able to open the gifts that we’ve seen under the tree all month, but that month for us has turned into multiple years. Let us unwrap that new book soon, George.



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