Highlights from Imperial Forces 2014 & 2015

Digital Render by Steve Freeman

Digital Render by Steve Freeman

Long ago, in a galaxy far far away….

Or rather last year in Baltimore, MD…. I first talked with Steve Freeman regarding a Star Wars themed event he was planning with George Skepton. Everyone loves Star Wars…..episodes 4-6 at least.

I kind of fell into being Leia for the event after Steve Freeman rendered a digital image of me into Leia. People said I looked so much like her that I should really cosplay her, so I gave in. I refused to be slave bikini Leia though. No offense to those who have worn the costume—I appreciate it for what it is and it is an iconic look, but I honestly just didn’t feel comfortable showing that much skin. It’s a look that’s also a bit over done, so I decided to do the white dress from A New Hope.

I was feeling lazy, and decided not to make my costume that particular time. I bought my costume online, through a seller on Amazon. I have to admit I was impressed with it, from the quality of the outfit to the fast shipping. There was only one issue….

That wig was HIDEOUS.

I have brown hair, so I thought to myself, I could just do the hairstyle with my own hair…..but Leia  clearly has a crapton more hair than I do. When I tried the buns with my own hair, they looked far too small.

So here’s what I did: I trimmed the buns off of the crappy wig, added a base and some clips, creating my own bun extenisons that I wove my own hair into and pinned into place. My hair is slightly darker than the wig, but I made it work.

In addition to that, I also brought along an R2D2 tank for some fun shots. It was a really fun day, the first Imperial Forces event had a fantastic turn out and was so fun. ^_^ Steve’s amazing backdrops that he painted were the main attraction!

For the 2nd installment, I initially decided I was going to reprise Leia, but also planned to dress as Padme, in particular, this look:

Padme concept photo

I really wanted to go all out and make a showstopper. For days I toiled over the numerous aspects of the dress, and before I knew it, I was unfortunately running out of time. 😦

At the last minute, I had to make a change. One of my friends had suggested Mara Jade Skywalker earlier and I was hesitant to accept that idea because I don’t know much about the expanded universe. But with time becoming a factor, I reconsidered the decision after I realized I could throw together something similar with elements I already had in my closet. I feel like it worked out pretty well…..

Aside from serious model business, we did have some time to actually clown around—with lightsabers!

We have fun. ;)

We have fun. 😉

Before you ask, yes I’ve seen the new trailer. I’m erring on the side of skeptical, but I would love for this to be amazing. If it’s not, I have at least discovered a new obsession in the expanded universe book series.

May the force be with you……



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