From Terminus to Alexandria: The Walking Dead Season 5 Review


Hello everyone, I gave you guys a while to catch up if you were running behind, but that time is up.

Walking Dead ended its fifth season back in March and there is much to discuss. I covered the first half of the season in my previous review, now it’s time to talk more dead.

After losing Beth, I thought for sure we would see Maggie go through some agonizing trials… be honest, I really thought we’d see the suicide attempt from the comics. She lost her whole family and Glen is all she has left. So many people have been lost…..hell, most of Season 1 is dead.

I honestly didn’t expect Tyrese to go so soon…..and certainly not the way he went. I at least thought he had another season. :-/ I feel like Tyrese’s death was only set up as furthering the backstory for Sasha’s descent into PTSD madness which seems to be gripping her. I have to note I also find it interesting that Sasha is taking Andrea’s role from the comics as the sharpshooter.

I am glad the group finally got on their way out of Atlanta (seriously, I thought they had traveled much farther throughout the course of the show! Finding out they were STILL in Georgia just irked me.) and headed to Alexandria. I was also happy to see Aaron introduced and I am so glad that the writers and producers of the series didn’t change his character or censor the fact that he’s gay.

DeAnna seems interesting as a character. I look forward to seeing where things go with her.

Looks like Rick and Carl both have new love interests. Jessie & Rick I expected from the comics, but the addition of Enid with Carl is new and kind of cute. I’m curious to see how this develops. I enjoyed their scene in the hollowed out tree, though some have hinted they believe she is up to something sinister……we’ll see.

I was sad that Noah was killed so soon, it almost felt like Beth died for nothing to see him go so fast. His death was so gruesome too, very memorable. So at least there was that.

Then there’s Carol, oh how I love Carol. Her miss domestic roleplay was fun to see, knowing what we know about Carol. Her scene with Sam was chilling. The whole speech, the lack of emotion on her face, all lead to a very intense moment. Also, it lead to an awesome t-shirt I ended up buying…


Seriously, how cool is this?


The Walking Dead has been really awesome at little references and hints throughout the show. I enjoyed the callback to Dale with Glen and the RV, and the hints to the Wolves throughout the whole season were subtle but built up nicely. I greatly enjoyed this little callback that was brought up in the episode titles from the second half of season 5 (which is explained in detail here) even more once I realized it.

Then there was the finale….I was surprised, not the end I expected. I definitely had a feeling the Wolves wouldn’t be fully introduced and saved as a enemy for the next season. I was so thrilled Morgan FINALLY caught up to everyone, and apparently became something of a badass in the process. Morgan’s also changed immensely since we last saw him. Ending with him arriving as Rick executes Pete was chilling. It illustrates just how much living in this world has changed these two men.

Also I have to say….did not expect Reg to be the big death.

But my favorites remain, so I am happy about that.

Speaking of the finale, I really hope someone punishes Gabriel for his sheer stupidity…… I don’t know what’s up with that guy and he gets on my damn nerves to be frank. I just despise this character. One minute he’s giving up on his faith, the next he’s a priest again, and then he starts talking about how the group that took him in and saved his life (multiple times) is satan in disguise…..Look dude, I know you’re having a crisis of faith, but can you have it somewhere else? Besides, way to turn on the people who saved your stupid ass. I really wanted that zombie to eat him……and then I wanted Sasha to shoot that jerk….but neither happened. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens. I forget who it was that said this on Talking Dead, but every time someone gives Gabriel food he has a crisis of faith… true it hurts.

I don’t know how many of you watch Talking Dead after, but I have to say how much I envy Chris Harwick and want his job. I also enjoyed #porchdick. I want to get paid to talk about this stuff and be on tv……that would be awesome. (If anyone is casting for a Game of Thrones or Sailor Moon version of this……just saying…..THIS GIRL here wants to host.)

But before I say good bye, my favorite memes of the season, as per tradition….


At least I’ve had Game of Thrones to get me through the absence so far. There’s also the spin off Fear the Walking Dead starting this summer; I will give it a chance.

Until next time, dead-heads……


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