Awesomecon 2015—Fulfilling All Its Promises

So I kind of suck at blogging lately. lol

Sorry everyone.

I will try to cover everything I have been meaning to discuss, and I will start with Awesomecon.

Awesomecon is a fairly new con, this was its third year. I went last year, and enjoyed the expereience, but there were certainly kinks that needed to be worked out. I am happy to report that Awesomecon has certainly listened to its audience and has done everything to improve the experience for the fans. The first and biggest thing they did to improve the process was mailing out badges to anyone who puchased a badge for the full weekend. This was awesome and really helped with the lines. I was so happy to be able to get my badge in the mail and just go into the con with no issues.  The only lines I stood in the entire convention were to get into panels. The lines were much more organized this year in general, and I didn’t see the craziness I saw the previous year.

The guests were also amazing, I see a trend of really great guests and interesting panels at Awesomecon. I am hoping this trend continues. Topping my list was George Takei, and that was the one photo-op I did this year. I was also thrilled about Kristin Bauer, and the Pond family was an excellent guest to have on the roster….until Karen Gillian had to suddenly cancel due to a schedule conflict, leaving only Rory and River. 😦

The convention clearly grew and the areas for the con definitely grew in comparison to the previous year which was another thing I was very happy about. The vendor and artist areas were massively bigger compared to the previous year, and I could feel the difference. Last Awesomecon I felt like the claustrophobia was getting to me, but this year I could breathe and move through the crowds without wanting to murder everyone. The guest panels I went to were all excellent, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing them. I also attending a Joss Whedon/Marvel Universe panel and the panelists involved were quite knowledgeable about their subject matter.

The only low point for the entire convention, for me, was a Walking Dead panel I attended. If you have been following me at all, you know that I love The Walking Dead. The show, the comics…..I follow it intensely. And I have blogged about it….more than onceMy last published entry was even about Walking Dead. So, having said that…..going into a panel with some guy at the front who doesn’t even know the name of Rick’s (late) wife, and saying he has never read the comics and missed the last season of the show…..that was disappointing to say the least.

Shit, I could have hosted that panel. Perhaps I should apply.

As far as cosplay, I didn’t overwork myself for a change. I used elements from my wardrobe to create a Tardis inspired dress which was highly complimented, and I reprised my DeAnna Troi. No photoshoots at this con, aside from whatever hall shots were grabbed of me, so it was pretty relaxed and I got to hang out with a lot of my friends along with making some new ones. I think after this experience I will be adding Awesomecon to my regular con roster.

Finally, Pictures!!!!!!!


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