The Walking Dead: Can It Be True? (Please No)

Look at me!

Usually I wait until after the midseason and season finales to discuss the Walking Dead, but I need to talk about this. I was going to release a review of Fear the Walking Dead before discussing the mother series that spawned our undead obsession, but the internet is so abuzz with talk and I am so overwhelmed after last Sunday’s episode that I cannot hold it in.

If you aren’t caught up to The Walking Dead and social media has not all ready spoiled it for you, I suggest you click away from this now.




So we are only three episodes in and the internet is in an uproar about Glen’s apparent demise after Nicholas commits suicide by shooting himself in the head, falling into Glen and causing them to plunge into a herd of hungry walkers.

But is he really dead? That’s the question.

A few things stand in favor of Glen possibly making it through this: Fans know that whenever a character dies, especially a main character, they get a mention in the In Memoriam section on Talking Dead. Glen didn’t get this treatment after last Sunday night’s episode. Additionally, typically when a character dies they are a guest on the show, this also did not happen.

Scott Gimple, one of the producers behind the show, released a special announcement saying that we will see Glen again “in some form”. Now, this could be interpreted many ways. Maybe Glen will come back as a walker. Maybe Glen miraculously makes it. Maybe we see him in flashbacks…..who knows. It’s vague for a reason. He doesn’t want to give it away, that’s no fun.

Another post I read cited that Steven Yeun, the actor who plays Glen, has been seen on set for filming of the second half of the season. This could also be a sign that Glen may somehow make it. Another point that was made in the same post is major character deaths this early on are not typical and would usually be saved for something more climactic like a finale or midseason finale. Andrea, Hershel, and Beth are a few examples to support this.

We see intestines being ripped out and eaten while Glen looks on screaming in horror, but when he and Nicholas fell, Nicholas was on top of him. The popular theory is that Glen is under Nicholas and it’s Nicholas’ intestines that the walkers are eating. Some have suggested that the smell of Nicholas’ blood would mask Glen’s smell and the walkers may not realize he is there. We have seen characters mask themselves by hiding under bodies and covering themselves in walker guys before….but these were people who were dead and had been dead for some time, not a fresh corpse. As for that idea, I cannot say for certain if that would work.

At the same time, the situation certainly is not looking good. Nicholas and Glen were on a dumpster and were surrounded with seemingly no way out. There is not enough space under the average dumpster for Glen to slide under and be protected. (Yes, there was a meme discussing this too, but I see that as being highly unlikely) Even if the walkers are currently munching Nicholas’ corpse, the next most appealing morsel is Glen who is right there, on the same plate if you will. The idea that Nicholas may have “saved” Glen by masking him the scent of his fresh blood seems unlikely to me, but maybe not impossible. The most possible thing I can see, if you will, is maybe when Rick is trying to call Glen on the walkie talkie, it distracts the walkers and draws enough of them away for Glen to escape….but that’s just me reaching for something that’s within the realm of possible.

I really don’t know how Glen will escape….or if he can. But I’m still holding out for him. I mean, he’s been with us from season 1, and not many of those characters have had that level of survival power. Fans of the comic book know what Glen’s fate it, and it isn’t this.

Until I see his walker corpse, I’m not counting him out just yet, even if it seems unlikely.

The Glen puzzle


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