The Tower Has Fallen: Walking Dead Season 6 Mid-Season Finale and Review


Spoilers, spoilers everywhere, this is your warning.

But let’s be honest, I gave you plenty of time.

Season 6 has reached its midseason break on one hell of a cliffhanger, especially with the teaser that was shown after the credits as a teaser to the second half which mentions the name all of us comic fans have been whispering about: Negan.


But let’s back up for now and before discussing what is to come, I want to talk about what we have seen so far.

The sixth season started out with a very different take on the storytelling from what we were used to, using black and white to differentiate between current events and a flashback to the previous day to tell the story. We’ve seen flashbacks on the show before, but nothing in this style, so the premiere was very different in terms of filming.

As many of you know, the season started off with the discovery that there were thousands of walkers blocked into a nearby quarry that were slowly beginning to squeeze their way out. Having such a huge herd so close posed an obvious threat, so Rick and crew devised a plan to “safely” (is anything safe in the zombie apocalypse? I doubt that) lead the walkers away from the town….of course all hell broke loose.

We also saw some more developments as far as learning more about new characters. Enid’s back story was a prominent feature in the second episode, JSS. In my personal opinion, from what we saw, it appears Enid  is just a survivor. After losing her parents, she needed something to keep her going, and that was how “just survive somehow” came about. Some still believe she is a wolf, but based on what we’ve seen I just think that she’s so traumatized from seeing her parents die that she shuts off and avoids contact. A theory I recently read on a fan forum proposed that Enid is a “fill-in” of sorts for Sophia. Sophia did not die in the comics as her character did back in season 2 on the show. Some fans believe Enid is fulfilling the role of that character. It is something we’ve seen before, the substitution of some characters for others in major storylines. I spoke about this before in regards to Lizzie and her sister, and we’ve also seen it with Bob (who died Dale’s death from the comics), Hershel (who died Tyrese’s death), and currently it seems Sasha’s character is actively fulfilling Andrea’s role from the comics, as I mentioned before.

I don’t want to give away too much to those who don’t read the comics, but this frequent substitution  of characters makes me wonder how a certain major character death that has been talked about a lot will actually play out on screen. I’m thinking that we may see someone else go instead of the original intended victim. There has been a lot of hinting around that “no one is safe”……one can only wonder what that may mean for our crew.

Speaking of Enid, quite the love triangle has developed between Ron and Carl over her, and the funniest part about that is only Ron seems to be aware of it. Enid is focused on self preservation so much that I doubt she really realizes if she has feelings for either boy…even though Ron seems convinced she was his “girlfriend”. Carl seems to have an attraction for her, but he’s definitely more focused on the bigger picture and the threat facing Alexandria than worrying about drama.

Speaking of drama: Relationships, relationships, relationships….. In addition to the Enid/Ron/Carl situation, we also see Jessie and Rick starting to heat up a bit. They shared a kiss (in the comics it was MUCH more. giggity) though with the way things looked at the end of this episode, I fear they may not get to explore that much further. Abraham also came onto Sasha, a curious development. Interested to see what happens there…and whatever happened to Rosita? Just a small thing, but I really liked the Tara/Denise development. I think they are super cute.

Everyone has collectively given Gabriel the cold shoulder. I almost felt sorry for him, for a second, when Rick tore down his posters for prayer group. But then I remembered how he endangered everyone due to a crisis of faith and turned on the group, and my sympathy went away.

I was initially really stoked about Morgan’s return, but now I’m beginning to see him as a bit of a dilemma. Morgan got a whole episode dedicated to his back story, which was interesting to see since the last time we saw Morgan he was very much a broken man. Though I find his recovery compelling and I loved the episode with Eastman and the way the writers addressed the PTSD in these two men; the idealist philosophy Morgan has now about all life being precious and therefore killing the living is forbidden, simply doesn’t work with the way the world is now for these people. Since Morgan started being the “better person”, the group has been encountering trouble on multiple occasions. He’s the reason the wolves with the guns shot at Rick, he’s the reason that poor Denise was taken captive. As much as I believe on a day to day that life is precious, I have to admit I am definitely more of the Carol frame of mind. I was glad she didn’t end up killing him, but at the same time I would have understand her reasons if she needed to.

Also on the subject of Carol: How hard core was she when she took out all those wolves?!!!! More Carol being awesome Carol.

Didn’t see too much of Daryl this half season….Random side note: I have to say I am mourning the loss of Daryl’s crossbow. Hoping he gets it back soon.

Of course the biggest looming question for several episodes was about whether Glen was dead or alive. The hype was so high, even I felt compelled to break my trend of after finale discussion to comment on it. Glen did, as we know, survive by sliding under the dumpster and waiting it out while the walkers dined on a Nicholas buffet. (I still can’t believe he could fit under there!) But he’s not totally out of the woods yet as he is arriving back at Alexandria just as the tower collapses on the wall. And I also have to say: this is why we can’t have nice things, Walking Dead! As soon as we see the green balloons and have a flicker of hope, it all goes to hell.

The allusion to the herd engulfing the town via the ants on Sam’s cookie was very clever and creepy. Excellent job, writers.

Deanna got bit, as we saw, and it was possibly the best reaction to getting bit by a walker in Walking Dead history— “Well, shit!” made me laugh despite the bad news, and this show is so good at that. I do have to say that I loved that Deanna went out like a soldier in a blaze of glory against the horde of walkers that burst into the house. I admire that about her very much.

With the way this episode ended, I believe something is about to go majorly wrong. Sam has demonstrated he can’t handle the world as it really is, and I am fairly confident that he is not going to make it. If the comics are any indicator on what happens next….I am 100% positive this won’t end well.

And now, the latest and greatest memes.



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