Fear the Walking Dead: This Is How It Ends


When it ends, it ends quickly.

As my readers know, I love TWD.  It’s no secret. I have heard a lot of mixed opinions on The spinoff that takes place in LA that began airing fall of last year, and I wanted to discuss some highlights and opinions on the show.

Firstly, depending on who you talk to, the show is either paced “too slow” or “too fast”. A lot of TWD fans that I personally know got angry over how slow people were to react to the walkers but we have to remember that this show is set BEFORE we know what Walkers are. I mean, think about it. The average person wouldn’t start practicing their headshots just because someone seemed under the weather. (At least, I would hope not!)  I honestly would have liked to see more of a build up, but as it was pointed out by Tobias in the first couple episodes, “when it happens, it happens fast.”

The characters are interesting. I know some people who actually got irritated when time was “wasted” on character development and “drama”, but I find that crazy because we need to feel invested in a character in order to care about what happens to them. I actually feel a little sad that some things were just dropped.  Like Alicia (the daughter’s) boyfriend. I would have liked to have seen some closure there, but at the same time even that had some realism because there wasn’t closure. There can’t always be closure and we see Alicia hurting over the loss of her boyfriend and her decision to tattoo herself was so cool and was something we haven’t seen so far in the series.

Travis is a moral compass and because of that I feel he’s already doomed. Madison is quick to grasp the situation and because of that I feel she is a survivor. I feel very curious about her and her drive, what makes her who she is. Nick was a charater I both loved and hated. Having known more than one addict in life, I can certainly say the actor does a good job of portraying the behavior of an addict and the struggle between getting clean versus feeding the addiction. It’s interesting to see an addict in this world. As some have said, his world had already ended, so in a way, it was like he was already living in the apocalypse. I’m not sure if I would go that far but he certainly has some survivor skills developed from his time squatting in crackhouses. I would be interested to see his development. Daniel Salazar is probably my favorite character so far; he’s smart, he’s a survivor, and he’s willing to get his hands dirty when necessary. The scene where he tortured the soldier was very crige worthy and I hope we learn more about him and he sticks around.

But let’s look at the implications of this spinoff, aside from giving us another view of this apocalypse, this show has done us another service…

One implication the spinoff has is that it “proves” the world Rick lives in from the main series is real. There has been a long circulating theory that The Walking Dead zombie apocalypse that Rick wakes up to is in fact not the real world. The theory states that Rick actually  died or went into a coma when he was shot, and this entire world and the dead walking is either a limbo or an elaborate coma dream. Obviously, having an entirely separate cast of characters in a different state going through the apocalypse from the beginning negates all possibility of that theory working out, so….

Womp womp.

I don’t know what direction Fear will take, I’m not sure how I feel about a lot of things. Strand seems suspicious, and I don’t trust him. The fact that we first see him in a cell goading a man and letting him know how weak and useless he is until he cracks; and then acting like he had no idea why he cracked, shows he is a dark individual. He certainly seems like a sociopath, and a very complex character.

The idea to take a boat is an interesting one, and I’m curious where the crew will end up. I also cannot help but wonder if they are in any way related to our main canon group, or if they will meet at any point.


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