2015 Year in Review

It’s no secret I have kind of sucked at maintaining this blog. To those who actually read it, I’m sorry.

A lot of changes cropped up this past year. I moved yet again, and between that and miscellaneous other happenings in my life, I feel like I didn’t get to do as much as I wanted to last year.

But, as per tradition, I am bringing you my selection of ten favorite images from the last year in sequential order by date and discussing what went into them. I wish I could have done a lot more, but 2015 overall was a pretty hectic year. It was a year with much more cosplay though, I realized as I began to look over these photos.

First on the list is this graveyard shoot I did with Jim O’Connor. It was one of my first shoots of the year. Just like a typical goth, I got a new skull and had to show it off! This is also film work, not digital, no editing here.

Second is a photo from Tasha Primeau from SavingMySanityThroughtheLens. The mermaid shoot was really an experience and it was so awkward learning how to pose in those tails, as I mentioned in one of my previous entries. We managed to get this cool shot though, so it was all worth it. 🙂

The next photo I feel I had to include even though it wasn’t a private shoot. When I went to Katsucon 2015, I could only go for a day and the line was an absolute clusterfuck for day passes so I just lobby-conned my day there and got some shots of my Hell Girl cosplay, including this GORGEOUS shot from Dancing Squirrel Photography that I absolutely adore. It reminds me of the actual art from the series, so I love it.

Next up is a really cool photo event I happened to be part of: Steampunk in the DMV. RonCesar and Roxana Hire hosted the event, Roxana also assisted with much of the styling. The outfit I wore was a combination of both of out wardrobes and it came out amazing. This photo by Francisco is probably one of my favorites of the day and shows the whole look; which was something like a steampunk gypsy. I loved the look we created that day and how different it was.

Following that, I had to include this shot of my Amy Pond cosplay from Doctor Who that I shot with Katie Potter. I told her what I was thinking and even without full knowledge of the particular episode I was trying to capture, she was able to nail it with me. This was one shot I was insanely proud of.

Next up was a theme I like to call “Steampunk cabaret” that I shot with my friend Duke Barrett. It had been a while since we shot, this set turned out great, and I just loved the way the entire look came together. Duke is very good at capturing the “sexiness” in his models and this particular photo always wows me when I look at it. I can’t believe it’s me!

The next photo in our collection is from a little experimental session with Shelley Shearer. She wanted to experiment with candlelight and that seemed to cry witchcraft to me, so we went with this fun idea of a witch/fortune teller which I really enjoyed.

After that, I have a shot from the red fae shoot. We had an unusually warm winter in 2015 and the climate was perfect for this shoot (normally I would have been freezing in an outfit like that in November!) The look itself was a outfit I put together for Faeriecon East 2015, which was highly complimented and admired. Orla came to me after and told me she wanted to shoot this look and we went for it. Most of these shots were taken at dusk, and the light was spectacular. This image for example, is straight out of camera. There was no editing. Pure perfection.

Jim O’Connor and I typically do a lot of dark looks, so when we worked on this princess in the woods sort of concept, it was different but still very beautiful. I loved being a redhead in a look that wasn’t for a particular cosplay, and something about the orage corset with the ivory dress looked so pretty to me. I just love any reason to shoot in the woods during the fall. 🙂

Last, but not least, this image comes from the Charles Dickens story A Christmas Carol. For this series, Katie Potter’s vision was to have me depict each of the three ghosts of Christmas that visit Scrooge: past, present, and future. Christmas future, depicted as the grim reaper or death, is one of my favorites and it was so fun to portray something so dark and mysterious. The future is always seen as something frightening and foreboding. I also loved the scythe; which we actually borrowed from Jim O’Connor for this set of photos.

Well, there you have it. I know it took a long time to finally get this all out there, but hopefully I can be better about future posts. What would you like to see in the future from me?


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