ECStrong- Help Ellicott City!

I recently shared this to my page, but I also wanted to share here. Please help Historic Ellicott City recover from the flood we experienced over the weekend. Anything helps. Local or not, all help is appreciated as this town tries to pick up the pieces.

Some of you may have heard about the horrible flood that hit Ellicott City, MD over the weekend. If you follow me, you know I have shot there a lot and I love this town so much. I am very saddened for the many businesses that were damaged which I frequently patronize there, and absolutely distraught for those poor souls who were caught in the flood waters and did not make it out. I want to take this time to encourage you all, especially if you are local, please help by donating:
United Way of Central Maryland has a fund called ECStrong supporting humanitarian relief for all victims. ( )
Food Bank at the Community Action Council of Howard County is accepting donations.
Donations for merchants and residents are also being collected
And there are also numerous food and drink fundraisers being held around Baltimore, for a full list of locations see the Baltimore Sun article here:…/bal-food-and-drink-fundraiser…

And finally, also check out for more information.

I love you Ellicott City. We will get through this.


Clock - Ross Sieber


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