Philly Day Trip/Comic Spectacular!

Philly is a fun place to visit, and one summer day off I returned there for a day of frolicking in comic shops, book stores, a trip to a yarn shop, random boutique hopping, and of course, the obligatory cheese steak.

Can't beat Jim's cheesesteaks!

Can’t beat Jim’s cheesesteaks!

I never realized how many great comic stores Philly has! One of my favorites had to be Atomic Comics, which I am sure I would live in if I could. We also stopped in a few bookstores along the way and I got my fiber fix at Loop. I had quite the haul for the day, as you can see….

Though I admitted before, I am leery of the Fight Club sequel, my curiousity got the best of me. Soul Kiss is a pretty interesting story about a girl who makes a deal with the devil and has to kiss souls to eternal damnation in order to save her boyfriend’s life. Then there’s the cat woman book, which I had to get because…Cat Woman.

I’m super excited about the human Luna cellphone charm I found, I haven’t really seen much of any merchandise of her so I had to get it. Coincidentally, my two mystery Sailor Moon figures just happened to be Saturn and Chibimoon, and they are an excellent addition to my Sailor Moon goodies on my desk at home.

Of course I had to get my fiber fix as well. The yarns I bought look even better than this photo, the pink is a blend of pink, orange and purple that looks like a sunset, and the blue…..the blue is spectacular and the gentle changes in gradation really make it lovely to behold.

Another pretty kick ass note in this trip was a visit to The Strange & Unusual Oddities Parlor. A very different store, their decor is quite the mix of goth, wicca, and taxidermy. I loved it of course. I wish I could do a photo shoot in this place, it was just that cool.

One of the cool things I had a chance to rummage through in one of the bookstores we went to was a bunch of vintage crochet patters from the 60’s and seventies. I wish I had thought to take some pictures at the time, but sadly I did not. But if you want an idea,  what some of these things looked like, I did pull up these fun pictures in a Google search and they are pretty close to what I saw that day.

So much granny square. :O

Well that’s it for now for Philly. I shall return someday, hopefully soon. 😉


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