A Look Back: Mysticon 2016

Much earlier this year, I attended Mysticon in Roanoke, Virginia for the very first time. I won’t lie, 98.9% of the reason why was to see George RR Martin, the author of the A Song of Ice and Fire (ASOIAF) series, more commonly known under the title of the first book and the HBO show that bears its name: Game of Thrones. He was the guest of honor at this little con, and my boyfriend surprised me by getting us passes to the con after we realized that we were going to miss his visit to Balticon in the summer because of competing travel obligations.

Mysticon is probably one of the smallest cons I have been to, and though the fact that George RR Martin was the guest of honor was a draw, it was still a very small, quaint convention. I didn’t know a single person there aside from my boyfriend, and the cosplay seemed minimal. This was a con more geared towards panels and games, I slowly realized, not cosplay. I actually felt a bit out of place in my cosplay, and I went all out to dress as Lyanna Stark in a brand new dress I got just for this con. I didn’t see anyone doing photography at this con. It was a big let down to me and I didn’t even cosplay for the other two days…. for most of one day we actually went on a wine tour of vineyards in the area rather than stay at the con.

I certainly don’t regret going, I got to meet the man himself: George RR Martin. He praised my Lyanna Stark cosplay and I don’t think I have ever felt so proud in all my life. We also got to attend multiple panels discussing the books, including an intimate unrealeased chapter reading from Winds of Winter, the next book in the ASOIAF series that we have all been begging for. Another awesome thing was just being in a new part of Virginia allowed us to do some quick wine tours in the area…….and gave us 2 more cases of wine by the end of the day—–totally worth it.

Will I go back to this con again? Probably not. The vendors were minimal and the products a bit boring, the panels for ASOIAF were great, but aside from that I was very unimpressed. It was interesting to see a new area, but perhaps I’m too spoiled by my big cons. I just lost interest once I got past my main attraction.

That’s all from this one, hopefully I’ll have more stuff up here soon on the other cons I have been to and just haven’t had the time to blog about. In the meantime, pictures from my cellphone. lol


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