Awesomecon 2016!

Hello hello hello everyone.

As promised, I have a blog to cover this year’s Awesomecon. It took a little while to gather all the photos for this entry. I unfortunately had to cut my con experience a bit short because I could not attend on Sunday, but I did get to do a lot of the things I wanted to do and had a few surprises along the way.

Friday was spent as a day of general frolic and running into friends. I spent my time as Lyanna Stark and attended the Game of Thrones shoot, in addition to doing general con shopping and exploration. As the character has finally had some mention on the show recently, people are starting to recognize who Lyanna is. The first time I did Lyanna, no one really knew what I was doing. It’s cool people know the character now, even though it also raises the bar a bit. I call my most recent version “Lyanna 2.0” and I may even consider making a 3.0……

The second day I spent as Steampunk Ariel until my feet were dying and could take no more. All the photo ops happened on Saturday this year for me. I met Michael Rooker who player Merle in The Walking Dead and Yannu in Gaurdians of the Galaxy. Despite the snarky tough guy he tends to play, he was a sweetheart in person and was super friendly and laid back. He complimented my costume and even gave me a hug. I also had the chance to meet Will Friedle, who many from my generation will recognize as Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World. Fun Fact, if you didn’t know: He voiced Terry McGinnis in Batman Beyond. He was another person who was super cool, very easy to talk to, and even addressed me by name which I personally found impressive.

The biggest surprise was I got to do the photo op and meet Adam West and Burt Ward! I have mentioned before I am pretty much a lifelong fan of Batman, and I can probably trace that back to the Adam West Batman from the 60’s. Of course, this show aired before my time, but when I was a kid in the 80’s and early 90’s, the re-runs would air and I loved them. I had not expected to go to the photo op, but I was pleasantly surprised with tickets by my wonderful boyfriend. 🙂

And there I am cheesing like a big dork.

with Adam West and Burt Ward

With Adam West and Burt Ward

Looking back on the show now, it’s NOTHING like the Batman I’m into these days. Very campy and funny, the villains were tropes and cartoonish; but it wasn’t meant to be serious then. You can still catch the old re-runs on TV, if you didn’t know.

From the panel I saw, I became confident that Adam West just plays himself on family guy. He’s got a very quirky and often sarcastic sense of humor and I laughed my ass off just listening to that panel. I also gained a new appreciation for Burt Ward, from the stories they told it sounded like the boy wonder got hazed on the set frequently.

After we had our fill of the con on Saturday, we used our visist to DC as excuse to go back to SEI and get sushi. They are simply amazing and I highly recommend them if you are ever in the area.

Awesomecon is becoming one of the cons I now look forward to attending every year. From the guests to the panels to the vendors to the art show……I can’t wait to see what they do next.

And of course, photos.


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