Hello Kitty Pop-up Cafe!

Over this past weekend, the Hello Kitty Cafe food truck came to White Marsh, and since I happened to be off that morning and my birthday is around the corner, I decided I’d make it a gift to myself to go visit. I love Hello Kitty, so I had to do it.

It was my first time ever doing something like this and I was shocked just how many people came out to stand in line. The first people in line were there since 4:30am!!

the line to get to the line! wooooo!

I arrived at around 10:50am, and I honestly should have gotten there earlier. Even though the line steadily moved, it took a while to actually get up to the truck to make my purchases; and by then they had already sold out of the coveted Hello Kitty Cafe mugs. 😥

Cafe Menu!

I opted for comfort for the line ride, but I saw a few people dressed up for the event. It was all kinds of looks: from Hello Kitty fanatics, to girls in cat ears, to gothic & sweet lolita, to an actual cosplay, and there was even one girl who did Hello Kitty facepaint! I wish I had gotten her picture, but I was too afraid to risk stepping out of line to do it. 😦

The general atmosphere was very positive, people were smiling and laughing and generally upbeat, despite having to wait several hours. Every one was super patient and even the kids with their parents seemed well behaved with activities to keep them distracted. I saw several children drawing on the sidewalk with chalk, and the manager of the facebook event page even shared a few snapshots online. 🙂

so sweet to see. 🙂

After the long wait (I finished up around 2, for a frame of reference) I did walk away with one of each treat, a shirt, a sticker, and a pin… and felt pretty damn happy. Check out my swaggggg. 😉


Thanks for dropping in! I know I suck at maintaining this blog but I promise I will try to work harder at being better at it. I do have some long put off posts on convention things and reviews, in addition to my 2016 photo review, so stay tuned!


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