The Unicorn Frappachino: aka Why Can’t We Let People Enjoy Things?

The sugary doom.

You all may have heard about the Unicorn Frappachino, or Starbucks’ latest marketing ploy. I will admit I got one to try, feeling curious about the drink. The colors were the thing that drew me in to be honest; and though it wasn’t the best thing ever I did not think it was necessarily bad like some people expressed. I thought it was kind of like a sweet tart. It was a fun novelty while it lasted for me, but it’s definitely not something I would get again.

But the thing that really kills me about this silly drink that was only available for a few days is how completely and totally it has dominated social media. My feed has been filled with memes making jokes at the drink and its calorie count. I find these amusing, but I’m also noticing another trend of people angrily slamming those who did happen to try the drink which I am not finding so amusing. Usually the remarks are about the calorie count of this beverage, and I keep seeing one in particular whenever someone says they had the drink:

“You know that’s like eating 3 king size snickers bars.”


It’s affecting you how?

Are you afraid you will catch those calories somehow by associating with someone who had the drink?

Look, all of Starbucks’ menu is literally sugar milk with a faint hint of coffee. Let’s not fool ourselves into thinking anything there is “healthy” in there. Yeah, it’s full of sugar, and that’s bad for you, and it’s not the best thing ever, but who the fuck cares? Why not let people enjoy it?

It’s a limited time offer, it’s already gone. Soon it will only be a distant memory.

Just like all of us.

Food for thought.

Besides, there’s already another variation coming soon.


One response to “The Unicorn Frappachino: aka Why Can’t We Let People Enjoy Things?

  1. I’ve seen this all over social media but I’ve never tried it! One of my friends said it tasted artificial/like cough medicine. I wonder if it’s not consistently made across all Starbucks? Since you say it’s sweet/tart (and that sounds more desirable than medicinal flavor!).

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