Game of Thrones Weekend Spectacular!

If you are like me, then you have most certainly been waiting for the season premiere of Game of Thrones. Last weekend we celebrated with a series of GoT related events, starting with a trivia night at a bar in Annapolis, and ending with (of course) the premiere.

Sadly, the traffic delayed my team’s arrival just enough so that we missed registration. Though we still hung out and had a few cocktails and could still answer questions, we could earn no points and win no prizes. Probably a good thing for the others there, because I’m confident we would have swept it.

The drinks were pretty kick ass. I tried as much as I could, since I was not driving, lol. My favorite was most definitely the White Walker, but House Lannister was also pretty tasty. I also tried the Wildfire which was very heavy on the creme de menthe and was a cool emerald green color, but was just abit too minty for my tastes. It was definitely a cool looking drink, so I don’t regret trying it.

To continue the drinking and knowing things theme; the next day I finally —finally— made it to the Game of Thrones pop up bar in DC.

As soon as you walk in, you are in Westeros.

For those of you not in the Washington DC area, the Game of Thrones pop up bar is a temporary set up that opened up a while back. Though I have never been to any of the previous incarnations, I hear that there have been multiple themes in this location including Stranger Things and Super Mario. I had been trying to make it down to the bar multiple times and life always got in the way. I finally made it there Friday, and even though I had a over an hour wait in line outside with occasional rain, it was worth it to get inside and taste the awesome drinks, and to witness the awesomeness.

The drinks are completely worth it, I must say. They do not skimp on the alcohol and they are also pretty tasty. I only sampled two menu items: the Dothraquiri and The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors. The presentation alone was also pretty damn cool and worth seeing. The Dothraquiri is served with a charred star anise, the other drink I had came with a coin. I hear others have their own quirky additions such as a golden straw, plastic dragons, or in the case of the North Remembers, is served in a mug with a dire wolf on it, or in a drinking horn depending on availability. There is also a drink called Shame, and ordering said drink leads to the whole bar yelling “Shame” as the bartender rings a bell.

In order to sample more of the menu, I am certainly making multiple trips,  and we already have a cosplay meetup planned.

I also got a seat on the Iron Throne, after over an hour wait and I am definitely doing it again someday soon in my new Daenerys cosplay. 😉

I could get used to this…

Then Sunday was of course the big day, the season 7 premiere. Those who know me know I tend more towards the books for this fandom; but I have come to accept that the show and the books are separate entities. Overall I highly enjoyed the premiere, the visuals are always incredible, the costumes were amazing as usual, but I did have a few nitpicky things that bothered me.

Things I loved the most:

Arya took down the Freys–the North remembers, Winter came for House Frey. So brutal.

More Lyanna Mormont! I love that little girl.

The shit montage with Sam in Oldtown–though very gross–was pretty funny.

The map of Westeros painted on the floor in the scene with Jaime and Cersei was pretty kick ass. Very beautiful work.

Euron’s jibe at Jaime, and the look on his face upon the delivery of that line were epic.

The throne in Dragonstone and Dany’s newest look, I have another costume I need now.

Now that I’ve mentioned the positive, I have to mention the things that irked me:

Bran gets to the wall and his “proof” that he is who he says he is is to tell Dolorous Ed a bunch of stuff he saw in his visions….but that doesn’t really prove he’s Brandon Stark. It just proves that he knows a creepy amount of information. Also, no one thought to send a raven and tell Jon and Sansa their brother is alive? Winterfell is not that far. Maybe we will see something next episode…

The awkward dialogue between Sansa and Jon when Jon says it sounds like Sansa “admires” Cersei. Does she? Because I didn’t get that vibe through the actor’s tone, it just seemed like clunky writing.

No one was at Dragonstone. Seriously? No one? Not a castellan, or servants that couldn’t fight, or old people who also held residence there, or children? No one? From a military standpoint it makes no fucking sense to leave your stronghold completely abandoned and undefended. Also, Cersei predicts Daenerys will land there, and SHE DOES, and for some reason they do NOTHING about it. That just seems like an odd choice strategy wise.

Littlefinger was such a master schemer  and now he just seems to try to beg audience from Sansa like a lost puppy looking for an owner. It’s like without the source material to go off of, the writers don’t know what to do with him anymore. I hope that changes.

The Hound buried those people with a blizzard outside…. Surely the writers of the show have enough common sense to know that the ground freezes when it’s cold, right? I mean, this causes issues in REAL LIFE. Funerals have been delayed because of frozen ground. This lack of realism bothered me a little.

On the whole though I did enjoy the premiere and I’m curious to see where things will go.

Looking forward to the next episode!



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