Unpacking Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall

So the latest episode of Game of Thrones had a lot of things that I need to unpack here.

Before I begin, the web is dark and full of spoilers…. You have been warned.

1. Ah, I see we brought a sufficient number of red shirts. I already know we won’t be seeing them again.

2. Gendry is seriously the only fucking main character  with a head covering in the Arctic winter beyond the wall. Tough break main characters. No hats or hoods for you.

3. Tormund calls Winterfell “south” and that honestly reminds me of every New Yorker I’ve ever met who tells me that Maryland is Southern.

4. Win-jin?

5. Lol @ the Hound on his response to Gendry’s tale of his captivity with Melissandre.

6. “My father was the most honorable man I knew.”

“Your father wanted to execute me, you know.


7. Jon, wtf. Why are you offering the Valerian steel blade back to Jorah? When you are going to fight the Wights? And they are weak to Valerian steel? Ughhhhh So glad Jorah had the sense to refuse.

8. This whole thing with Sansa and Arya not trusting each other and getting into a quarrel is one of the dumbest and annoying plots ever. Surely Arya should realize, like the rest of her family, that the letter Sansa wrote was under duress. Furthermore, if Arya is so clever and can see through lies so well after her training from the house of black and white, then why is she not seeing through Littlefinger’s obvious attempts to manipulate them? If she is so stealthy, why is he able to know she was following him? I’m hoping she comes out in the end as having known all along that he was scheming and kills Littlefinger-with the dagger. Let’s say….in the study.

9. Tormund and the Hound’s conversation was entertaining. Tormund was especially amusing in talking about Brienne.

10. Thanks for the middle finger to the audience, especially the book audience, who has always been told that Jon Snow looked like the Starks. It was even a point of consternation for Catelyn with her son Robb compared to Jon. Robb clearly had the Tully features where Jon looked more like Ned, and it was a reason she resented him.

11. “He’s too little for me.”

I actually googled Emelia Clarke’s height, she’s about as tall as me. Kit Harrington is 5’8″. Not gigantic, but still taller than her.

Besides, it’s Kit Harrington.

12. “You need to take your enemy’s side in order to see things the way they do, and the you need to see things the way they do in order to respond effectively and beat them.”

I like this line and this way of thinking, but both Tyrion and Daenerys bring up excellent points here. I personally don’t like how they keep painting Dany as being needed to be controlled and being unreasonable and “losing her temper”. It seems ironic to me this is a theme in this show to still try and bring down these women in charge. I agreed with her on her decision to burn the Tarlys. Yes it was unfortunate, but they chose that fate and if she had not followed through on what she said, people wouldn’t take her seriously. Tyrion’s concern over succession is a valid one as well, but really it would be more of a who is second in command after Daenerys since they don’t have the throne yet—and it is my understanding with Tyrion acting as hand of the Queen, the next in line is Tyrion. I would think he would know this, maybe he doesn’t want the responsibility?

13. Wtf undead bears now?! I’m now confident they only put this in the episode in order to set up the premise that other things can be resuscitated by the Night’s King….

14. Can we seriously take a moment to appreciate how bad ass Thoros is? He got mauled by a fucking zombie bear, but he just took some deep drinks of wine and let them cauterize the wounds and he’s like, let’s roll!

15. In the books, Thoros and Beric light the swords on fire with wildfire I believe. The sword Beric has just had the fire fade out as though it had been summoned through magic from within the blade. Is this supposed to be Light Bringer?

16. How do they know Gendry is “the fastest”? When did his ability to run come up? Did they do timed trials? And he left his hammer behind, people just love giving their weapons away on this show.

17. STFU you walking corpse.

18. Send a raven to Daenerys….come on. I knew as soon as they went north again, this lovable team of adventurers was going to end up in some sort of calamity that only Daenerys could save them from. But the raven they sent her could not have realistically made to her in anywhere near as soon as it seems to arrive. Daenerys is on Dragonstone, hundreds of miles away. Preston Jacobs mentioned in his episode review that in order for the raven to reach Dany it would have to have flown 170 miles an hour without stopping. Fastest raven on the fucking planet.

19. Frozen lake with small island in the center where the ice breaks around it in a perfect circle so bad guys can’t get you ex machina.

20. I also want to ask…how long have they been on that rock? It can’t be longer than overnight. Not surprised Thoros froze to death, but I would think maybe one of our other crew would have as well, but I guess we are out of redshirts.

21. Beric ever so casually suggests all we need to do is kill the Night King, like it’s just THAT EASY. Nevermind the white walkers and the whole army of the dead, just kill that one dude! So easy right? Wow! I can’t believe we never thought of this before.

22. People have been talking shit about Daenerys’ outfit, but I say they are haters and that fur coat is majestic as fuck. (New cosplay in 3, 2, …..)

23. If I were there, I’d be so pissed at the Hound. Dammit Sandor. Why did you have to throw shit at them?!

24. Fall back? Fall back to where, exactly? You are surrounded on ALL sides. Ygritte was right about you, Jon….

25. Hmm, apparently there was one red shirt left at least, conveniently.

26. Tormund somehow survives this…but I’m glad cuz I like him.

27. Awwwww shit the dragons are here. I can’t even lie, this was pretty fucking awesome.

28. Even though it was cool as hell, Dragon ex machina.

27. Noooooooo!!!!! Not a fucking dragon!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

28. We need to discuss how the Night King seriously took down Viserion with a Guinness book of world records level javelin throw with seemingly no effort or power behind that throw. Wtf…also I think this is maybe the most upsetting death on this show for me. I also realized I like dragons more than most people.

29. A lot of people are giving Emelia Clarke shit for her reaction to Viserion’s death, and I honestly think her reaction is on point for the type of character that Daenerys is. You can see she is in shock initially from her face and as Viserion hits the ground her lip quavers a little and you can tell it is a mixture of shock and pain, but Daenerys is not the type to show weakness, so she holds her tears back but her eyes show she is heartbroken. We do see when later when she is alone with Jon as he wakes up and she is in the cabin with him, her eyes are wet, there are lines under her eyes and she has very visibly been crying for a while. I would certainly say 100% this is over the her dragon more than anything else, and this is how I would expect Daenerys to respond. She would not openly scream and and wail over her loss infront of an enemy, she would not let them know how deeply they wounded her; but alone or in the company of someone she feels a deep bond with, she would lower her defenses.

30.The way the dragons cry over the loss of their sibling broke my heart. 😭

31. Nope. Nope. Nope. That’s hypothermia. Jon should be dead.

32. Benjen ex machina. Kind of pissed it seems we will never know the rest of his story…. What was he doing out there? How was he not dead? How did he know to show up when and where he did? Sloppy writing makes me sad.

33. Daenerys saw Jon’s wounds that will never fully heal, knows he definitely did take a knife in the heart for his people for real, but nothing is said about it and that frustrates the shit out of me.

34. Arya was pretty fucking scary there. Kind of feeling bad for Sansa. Although you could argue she is playing the game of faces here, as she knowingly lies to Sansa multiple times in this conversation: she was there, so she saw Sansa’s reaction and how she fought, she said she’d never serve the Lannisters and was Tywin’s cupbearer in season 2, and she says she wonders what it would be like to wear pretty dresses and be lady of Winterfell but she hates that shit and we know it. Really hoping this storyline turns a corner in the finale.

35. Where is the Bran 9000 in this episode? He sure could help alleviate some of this tension between his sisters.

36. “My Queen!” 😍

37. Where the fucking fuck did they get those chains? Is there a Lowe’s or Home Depot beyond the wall?

38. oh fuck fuck fuck shit!!!! Ice dragon is hereeeeeeee. I mean, it was teased in a preview posted ages ago, so I have been waiting for it, but still. Pretty interesting turn of events.

Though I will say the writing has certainly been lacking in a lot of ways, I am curious to see how it ends. Season finale is just a few hours away…… What do you think?


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